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Sire stakes checks 2022

Sire Stakes Purses payments will be issued by Northville Downs on October 3rd.  Horsemen should receive an electronic email from Northville Downs bookkeeper notifying them of the deposit.  If you do not have partnership W9 paperwork on file for your horses and updated banking deposit information on where the purse payments need to be deposited - that is going to delay the process as Northville will not release  purse payments without w9 information and banking information for tax reporting purposes.  W9s and banking forms can be sent to [email protected]

2022 Sire Stakes - Detention

Horsemen are encouraged to plan accordingly to ensure they are signed in to the detention barn before 12:15pm.  You must be in the detention barn no later than 12:15 pm any late arrivals for any reason will be scratched from the final. The barn area will open at 9am on Friday and Saturday. There will also be no schoolers or trainers on either day. 
Detention will be in designated stalls in Barn P at the end closest to the track/paddock entrance. Horsemen are encouraged to bring mesh gates (as they usually do). 
1. All Sire Stakes horses are to report/sign-in to  Detention barn P (entrance closest to paddock/track) no later than 12:15 pm. Reporting late to detention will result in the scratch of the horse from the final
2. Only Sire Stakes programmed licensed trainers and 1 licensed groom/owner designated per Sire Stakes horse are allowed in the detention area.
3. Horses may warm up from detention and return to detention after warm up before heading to the paddock
4. Horses enter and leave from the same doors - barn P the door on the same side as the paddock entry.  
5. Friday and Saturday Sire Stakes horses will both use stalls in barn P to eliminate any potential for contamination with overnight horses.  
6. Stalls with gates must be numbered and sire stakes horses are assigned stall numbers.  If there are multiple trainers with horses - please put them together, for example Trainer A has 4 horses, he would get stalled 5,6,7,8
7.A sign-in sheet will be available with a guard at the entrance to the detention area - name of horse, name of licensee and signature along with their MGCB ID. Mark time the horses entered detention. 
8. MGCB will have 2 judges on-site starting at 12:00pm for Friday and Saturday night Sire Stakes races for sign-in/reporting in Detention Barn P
9. Northville Downs will provide staffing from 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm in detention to allow judges to report back to the judges booth

2022 Sire Stakes Finals - Entry List

Click here for a list of horses competing in the 2022 Sire Stakes Finals 

Sire Stakes Elimination and Final Entry Fee

The entry fee will be $1,000 for all horses regardless of whether your division requires eliminations. These will be payable on elimination day for those that need to race eliminations on Tuesday, Sept 30th and all other divisions will be payable on race day for the finals for all other divisions. Horses will not be allowed to race in the final if they have not paid their entry fee.  Paying entry fee on race day is consistent with how we handled sire stakes entries over the past 15 years as well as how we handle the colt stakes, breeders stakes, spartan stakes and great lakes stakes.